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How to use your Garden's Harvest!

Want to turn your food storage into live delicious meals?

Do you want to shed a little unwanted weight?


-- Stevia the sweet you can eat!

Healthy Summer Snacks!

Learn how to turn Your Food Storage into live and delicious meals!

Would you like some tips on unveiling a more vibrant and healthy YOU?

This Healthy Living Program is just what you need!

  • Classes
  • Coaching
  • Accountability

-- is what this 6 series class by Doreen Spackman is all about!

  • Get the support you need to achieve the goals you have the safe and healthy way so that you can attain maximum success…
  • Discover herbs that will help your body to heal, shed the unwanted weight, rid yourself of migraines, lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, and more!
  • Live with more health and energy, become confident in a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly gain (or regain) a happy healthy body!
  • Explore healthy, delicious and easy ways to make breakfast using whole grains.
  • The key to successful health is a commitment to making permanent changes in your eating and daily habits!
  • Learn how to use simple, natural remedies and practices that the body recognizes, through fresh, wholesome foods and herbs that cleanse and nourish so the body can heal!

Think: Whole Body Health!!!

It’s easy—choose which 6 class series option is best for you Tuesday at 10am or7pm.

Class 1-Simple Daily Magic

Learn simple and easy ways to prepare whole grains for breakfast and other meals, daily digestion drink, foods that hurt or help your body in your current dietary lifestyle. Fresh food cleanse.

Class 2- Outside the Box

Quick, Tasty, Satisfying HEALTHY Meals/snacks. Green Drinks. Do fresh fruits and veges really have calcium and protein? Make your own Almond milk! Tips for easy Salads and dressings! Extended cleanse-Get the details.

Class 3-Small Changes, Big Difference

Making the meals your family love, more nutritious and tasty! Fresh Quick ways to use veges for snack and meals including Healthy Pasta! Does the type of Salt you eat make a difference?  Pepper-how best to use it? Eating out and still feel like you’re eating healthy. Plus, 3-day Juice Cleanse!

Class 4 & 5-Herbs

Enjoy being confident in taking care of your health and your family’s health, too, through simple, natural solutions. These Simple, Natural Home Remedies, will assist you in easily taking care of digestion, leaky gut, ear infections, pneumonia, injuries, past or present and strep throat, and allergies, and candida, just to name a few. We had many requests for more classes on herbs so now we have two classes for you.

Class 6- Essential Oils

Learn how to safely apply and use essential oils for better health and cleaning your home. You will be able to experience them and make a cleaner and air freshener to take home. There will be supplies to bring to this class. You will make and take things home. Lots of Fun!

Live Happy and Healthy Everyday!