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How to Treat Allergies While Pregnant

ll20Do allergies make you tired?

Do you feel like your body is all out of whack and you want to feel normal again?

You’re at the right place to learn…how to treat allergies while pregnant.

What a wonderful time of life! So exciting and congratulations! I think pregnant women are so cute! Yes, you may not feel very cute but remember you can get back to just how you were or even better than before you started carrying around this little bundle of joy!

ll21A few things to consider, your body is changing and expending a lot of energy, for you and for growing and developing the little one or one’s that you have inside.

First, a mother needs to take care of herself and make sure that she is getting the nutrition and the rest her body needs. Now I know you might say yeah! But I’m so busy –how can I eat better… or sleep more and maybe you’re working and / or you have other little ones to take care of, but these allergies are just slowing you down. And who has time for that right?

ll22There are different types of allergies  If it’s seasonal allergies maybe you’re exhausted, usually you want to sleep but you lay down and then you’re so congested and plugged up you can’t breath…. Yet, you go through a box of tissues a day because your nose it running, and then it’s sore and raw and you’re eyes are watering, …does any of this sound familiar?  

ll23So what is happening when we are going along just in our normal day and then boom all of the sudden our body has a freak out moment and all of these things start happening?

Well it’s just the immune system overreacting or basically our immune system is attacking itself.

ll24What caused all of this?


Mucus in the body is the cause all sorts of havoc …allergies, tumors, cysts, and many other undesirable conditions.

ll25Then people get excited and say okay I want to do a cleanse…get all of this mucus out…which is a great idea, but when we’re pregnant that is not the best time to do a cleanse…. remember what you do will also affect your little one so now is not a good time to do a cleanse, it is a good time however..to add more nutrition by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes that alone will do a gentle cleanse and let go of the mucus in the body while supplying nutrients you need to function at a higher level.

And that will help with the problem for the future but you want to take care of the symptoms now too.

The safest and quickest way to help your body is to work with it so if the immune system is confused and attacking itself we want to help strengthen it so it can function properly and to calm it down so we use two herbs that are a perfect combination to help the immune system…Astragalus and Marshmallow

ll26 Astragalus helps to gently build the immune system so it can be strong
ll27 Marshmallow, (not the white puffy kind from the grocery store) there is actually an herb or plant called Marshmallow and it helps to calm the immune system.

ll28Dr. Christopher carries a formula called Immucalm that has these 2 ingredients already mixed together or you can get them separately and just take them at the same time. Also if your nose is all stuffed or draining ….nettle is the herb of choice to use it helps dry things up and its got a lot of great nutrients too.

Often in my coaching or classes people will ask how much do I take… and of course each person is different and , depending on how long it’s been going on or if you start taking the herbs as soon as the symptoms appear it would need to be adjusted, I’d be glad to assist you with that if you have any questions, but usually people start out with 4 capsules of the Immucalm and 2 -4 capsules of the nettle.

ll29Herbs are food for the body that help it to receive the nutrition it needs to function the way our body is supposed to, I have watched people take these herbs and not expecting any results…… yet within 20 minutes they’re like…oh wow! I can breath and I feel so much better, this is awesome!

This is truly a wonderful time of your life and, way to go, on wanting to help yourself, and take care of your little one even when you are suffering with allergies.

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