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How to Treat Osteoporosis Naturally

ll5Is osteoporosis a concern for you?

Would you like a natural way to take care of it?

Are you one of the 44 million people in the United States with osteoporosis or low bone mass

The numbers are outrageous osteoporosis accounts for more days that women over the age of 45 spend in the hospital than other diseases or condition.

It just doesn’t add up if dairy milk is really good for your bones and the US is one of the highest in its consumption and calcium supplements then it should have the looowwwest rate for any bone problems right? Well Study after study has found just the opposite those countries with the highest consumption of diary products also have the highest amount of osteoporosis. Likewise, countries that consume fewer dairy products have lower rates of the disease I really prefer to call it a condition because I think we get it in our head that a disease is something we will have to live with forever I don’t think that’s true. I know our bodies can heal themselves when given the right nutrition.

ll6So To keep it simple basically most calcium that people consume like dairy milk and supplements are accepted into the body but are not able to assimilate this means   Our body recognizes it as calcium so it holds onto but it cannot assimilate it. so this inorganic calcium sits and causes havoc like osteoporosis, bone spurs, 80% of all kidney stone are composed of calcium, arthritis, and many more complications throughout our bodies are from inorganic calcium that is just sitting around and hanging out! Inside our body.

ll8The other problem is sugar consumption like soda, sugary beverages, white processed sugar all of these leach calcium from our body in huge amounts.

So what can be done naturally, AHHHH! this is where the fun is! I love how are body works and how it responds to the herbs and food that we have been given to help the body to heal itself!!! As I work with people some are wanting to prevent things that are inherent weaknesses in their families and some are severe ….depending on where you are at… will depend on how aggressive you want to be.

  • First we want to stop the damage so I would stop all dairy consumption, soda and white sugar (now if your are doing this as a preventative then we could eliminate these items at a slower pace).
  • Then we want to add lots of organic calcium or natural foods that will help the body to produce it. as we flood the body with organic calcium our body will let go of the inorganic calcium deposits that are sitting around doing damage.
ll9 The first items I use are Dr. Christopher’s calcium formula it has herbs that assist the body with organic calcium production these herbs convert the silica into calcium in the body. I would make 1 quart of this drink and drink a quart a day.
ll10 He also has another item that helps bone to rebuild itself and it is called Complete Tissue and Bone these are capsules and I would be taking that in conjunction with the calcium drink.

This sounds so simple but when people are trying to change how they eat and get into a healthier routine they benefit from some assistance and I would love to explore and share what would be best for you individually.

Another very important thing to remember is that as you are eliminating things like white sugar, dairy milk, soda etc. ..make sure you replace it with something else or your body is going to rebel. So to assist you I have prepared for you The Top 10 "snacks on the go" with a grocery list and  how to prepare them quickly so you can have the nutrition you need for your busy life. Put your name and email right here and I will send you your Top 10 snacks on the go so you can start today! Feel confident in the food you eat and know you are helping your body to better health now!

I hope this has been helpful to you, you can always reach out to me.. my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Talk to you soon,

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!