Gardening for Your Health

sproutThe Big Picture

When you look at it all, it can seem daunting, as you first start gardening, the thoughts of tilling, digging, planting, organizing, fertilizing and weeding may seem beyond what you can do. We know what, it's like and add on to that the busy schedules life throws at us, overwhelming could be the understatement of the decade.

Square Foot Gardening

Developed with the busy person in mind, and to make it more manageable, Square Foot Gardening is the answer to living better, and more naturally. Taught by Master Gardener Doreen Spackman, this technique takes things to their smallest and simplest of units to build your garden one small piece at a time.

It Works for You

Utilize your space, grow more in less space and do without the weeds :) Small Patios, to large plots of land Square Foot Gardening is the answer!

Learn how to use the harvest from your garden!